Do I need Cpanel with WHMCS


I plan to use WHMCS + WP Integration plugin as a hosting service.

Does the plugin and WHMCS need cpanel or other back-end to work?

James H.

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    Require is a big word, if memory serves there are a lot of features that when combined with cPaneal/WHM are nice, but I do not think it is required. You can check out the requirements and other details here

    WHMCS has multiple steps that it actually helps with, the integration between cPanel/WHM and WHMCS is the ability to automatically create implement and suspend/delete accounts through the interface.

    Ultimately WHMCS is a order/payment and trouble ticket system, when used strictly in this way then cpanel is not needed. Without the existence of an interface you will have to set up and monitor the web accounts by hand, actually to be honest WHMCS doesn't even have to be used for web hosting that is just what it is themed for but will work just as good for whatever other services you see fit as you can create the packages and charges yourself.

  • aecnu
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    Greetings James,

    webcrafter is spot on with the answer but the one exception missed or rather not clarified is that you must have WHMCS.

    The only reason why I am bringing this up is because many people think that this plugin is in fact WHMCS, but it is not - it is a Word Press interface to WHMCS

    Thank you both for being WPMU Dev Members!

    Cheers, Joe

  • Moonworks
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    That's right James. This is a bridge between WHMCS and your website.

    If you just want to provide WordPress hosting, then you could just use the WordPress Provisioning plugin, though you still need WHMCS for this:

    However, if you want to provide more traditional hosting, then you would need to have cPanel or Plesk as a control panel.

    The best way to do this, is to get a reseller account with a hosting company. Many of the hosting companies already have add-ons for WHMCS which would automatically link it to your account.

    One simple method, if this is what you are looking at providing, is to take a look at the reseller options at, and this is because they give you a free license for WHMCS as part of the deal.

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