do I need mail chimp if I use eNewsletter plugin?

I would like to be able to send newsletters to double opt-in subscribers and assign them to a user level of subscriber automatically.

I also would like to have some real suggestions on how to best utilize the features of "Pay Per View", "Membership", "Social Marketing", and "Forums". I mean specifically how to use the best features of each plugin to channel people toward a purchase of my products and services.

The website url: is the website I am referring to. The target market is the person who needs a custom website that is cross compatible HTML5 etc. My target market needs social, SEO, videos, etc. and I will build the website and offer training videos on how to use WordPress to manage their site.

The training is part of a service package. There will also be a separate video training series on how to set up their own site from the ground up. I figure most people will get overwhelmed and get me to build their site anyway.

The major emphasis is that all of their needs for online presence will be accomplished through us. Even mobile apps will be built for them. I don't have my packages developed yet for building them in to a shopping cart but I would like to set up the sales funnel from home page to shopping cart by using the aforementioned plugins.

The original question about mailchimp necessity is in reference to the mailchimp new release upcoming. It looks like using mailchimp just adds another API making things more complicated than necessary. Is that true?

Please offer some strategies on how to best build a sales funnel using the plugins mentioned?


  • Vaughan


    thanks for the post.

    It's not necessary to use mailchimp with e-newsletter, though from hanging around on the forums, and speaking with colleagues, using mailchimp seems to be a lot more reliable at actually sending the emails.

    with pay-per-view it's exactly as it says on the box, people pay to view the content, it has a 1 time fee system but (there's always a but) the 1 time fee will give them access to all protected content once they have paid (not just the individual content). or you can set it to 1 day pass to view just that particular content etc.
    The developers are discussing re-working those plugins pay-per-view & so on in order to make them more flexible and functional.

    membership, is all about restricting access to content/pages/posts etc based on subscription plans & so on

    pretty much like we do here with the bronze/silver/gold packages we have. so you could prevent normal users or guests from viewing for example the forums or videos etc.

    forums, there's not much to explain regarding that, it's a forum. though you might want to look at BBPress if you require a more versatile forum system (note. you don't need Buddypress to use bbpress).

    social marketing, this is something I have no experience with really (i don't try to get popular lol, but that's just me), but it is good for what it does, posting Ads with special offers and so on using sites such as FB, Google & so on, and with the potential clients you could find on those sites, you can see the potential for growth. even if only 1 out of 100 take up the offer, you have a potential audience of millions. so that's a 1000 people out of 100000 & 10000 out of 1000000 there's a great potential there if done right.

    selling, there's a number of options available with wordpress, there's marketpress, woocommerce & so on. it depends on your needs as to which 1 would be better, all i can say is compare the features of both. woocommerce could be overkill for your requirements, but then again it could be perfect. marketpress is a great plugin, but admittedly it does lack some of the features that others offer, but it works well for many people. don't be afraid to experiment.

    you are right about getting overwhelmed & you may find soon enough needing to hire more developers to helps you out. it's a frustrating business at times.

    hope this helps somewhat.

    thanks for being a member of wpmudev

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