Do I need MU or buddypress


I wish to create my website with your templates and plugins.

Here is what I have im mind, please advise me what template and plugin should I use:

1. A blog network, like edublogs where each profile is searchable and arranged in a directory type (many businesses will like to submit their info to the directory and I will ask them to manage their blog ib exchange).

2. Buddypress social functionalities

3. Other capabilities such as events, forums, facebook sign in etc.

What I need to know is what are the main templates I need to install, in order to have the “blog network” and the directory abilities. What order should I install them? Can I later add more capabilities such as events, forums etc,

I also need to know if I need to preinstall wordpress MU or buddypress (even before the templates), or it comes all included? If I need any preinstall, in what order?



  • Kimberly
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    Hello there Ofer!

    Welcome to the Communtiy!

    WordPress Multisite gives you the ability to let you create multiple sub-sites from your main site. If this is a capability you know you want for sure, then you should definitely get it setup at the beginning.

    Buddypress, when installed on a multisite, will create one large social network originating at your main site. for the plugin download

    These are the first two things to put on your site if you know you will want them.

    The theme you use is really up to you, what look you like, what capabilities you want. Any other plugins can be added and removed as you figure out what you are wanting. There are many that you can use, here and in the repository.

    Perhaps you will find this useful?

    It can give you a great overview of how it all kinda works together :slight_smile:

    If you have any questions, please let us know!


  • HolisticDesigns
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    Hi Ofer,

    It does sound like BuddyPress would suit your requirements, if you use this with MU you can get a very powerful platform for your users.

    I would recommend setting up a network and then installing BuddyPress on all of them. There are some good tutorials about setting up a network on this site. You can also set up BuddyPress on each network site individually as well but this does take a little bit of tweaking.

    If you use a BuddyPress theme then this will come with all of the template files you need for all of the BuddyPress functions such as Activity, Members etc. If you are using a theme that is non BuddyPress then you can use the BuddyPress template Pack ( to add in the necessary files. This is reasonably easy but you do need to have an understanding of how a WordPress theme is constructed.

    The good thing about BuddyPress is that it is extendable so you can get started with the original setup and then over time add new features through plugins.

    Hope that helps


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