Do I need to uninstall old WordPress site to get started with a new theme through WPMU DEV?

I have been playing with to learn how it works, and just began a membership here. Now I want to start over with the Social theme. Do I need to uninstall everything I've done and start with a clean slate? Or does it even matter? Sorry for my newbie naiveté. Thanks for any direction you can provide.

  • Tom Eagles


    Hi there and welcome to WPMU DEV.

    So just to make sure i have everything correct you have website setup with wordpress already set up? What host are you using? If it's a test site then its best just to play round with it and get used to wordpress. You can always hide the site behind a plugin that stops people seeing the site until its finally finished.

    One you have a clear goal in mind etc then you could do a total reinstall and start from fresh and build the new one.

    The trick is to decide what you want from the site and which plugins to use to achieve that. If you give me an idea of your plan i can point you in the right direction.

    Hope you find this helpful


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