Do I own Google Analytics + or not?

I *thought* I bought Google Analytics + for $19. Turns out I signed up for a membership with a $19 monthly fee. Not entirely clear, that whole process. Well, I didn't want a membership, I just want the software (which I like quite a bit on first inspection). So, I cancelled said membership forthwith. You say that I will have "access" until June something or other, but you don't say access to what? All the wonderful things that go with the membership I didn't want or to the software that I paid $19 for?

In short do I own Google Analytics + or not?

  • Patrick
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    Hey there @Marshall

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

    Yes, you own your copy of the software you downloaded, and can use it in any manner you choose, insofar as your usage respects the GPL 2.0 license.

    All our products are subscription-based, but, if you do not want or need the membership here at WPMU DEV, simply do as you have already done by canceling the subscription.

    A premium membership is only required for access to support features, updates to the software & access to our API services if required by the software (Google Analytics+ does not need access to our API).

    For more on how our membership works, and what you can and cannot do with the software, please review our Terms of Service, and the GPL 2.0 license:

    I hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

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