Do lifetime memberships still exist?

So I know with the new price increases things are getting changed up a bit. Is there still lifetime memberships that are rewarded to members who reach 1,000 rep points? I'm just trying to figure out if it's worth my time to post in here...

  • Big Frank

    Hmmmm. Not to appear snide but is your aim in posting to mainly help others, or is that something you wouldn't bother with if you were not rewarded with points? Just curious is all. I'm always interested in what other people think - and why - so I can compare that to my own notions on how I view things

    Not saying that there is anything wrong with wanting or expecting to be rewarded. Sometimes though, helping others without reward, is ultimately the most rewarding experience of all.. Cheers. - Frank

  • timstrifler

    I'll be honest. I'm extremely busy with a full time marketing day job and then doing freelance web development, and SEO consulting on top of that. I don't have time to hang out in the forums and "just help others" unless there's something I'm working towards. Yes I'd probably pop in and help out every once in a while, but not nearly as often if there's no goal.

    For wpmu dev, it's in there best interest to create an active community of members helping members. By giving an incentive, they basically turn there members into support techs by motivating them to also help others. This is most definitely why James Farmer chose to offer the lifetime membership in the first place. So I just wanna check and see if this is still in effect.

    So you're saying that you'd just hang out in the forums and "just help others", just for pure satisfaction?

  • Big Frank

    So you're saying that you'd just hang out in the forums and "just help others", just for pure satisfaction?

    lol. No. Unfortunately, I have nothing to offer in the way of knowledge. I'm here to glean whatever free education I can get. That being said, I'm always happy to answer any question I can if I have something of worth to offer. On many other forums, relating to my limited area of expertise (Corydoras catfish from S. America) while I may not be the first one to pipe-up, I try to make sure that all questions get answered, if by nothing more than providing a like to the pertinent information. You're point is well taken, time is precious.

    Two small points. First, I have noticed that occasionally a post will slip through the cracks and go unanswered or left incomplete. Nothing wrong with bumping your own post, waving the red flag and screaming, "Help." I'm certain they will flock to your post with an apology and another attempt at helping you. I've seen it with me own eyes.

    Second. While you're experience may be much different than mine, without me giving the appearance of brown nosing for points (I won't live to garner 1000 points), I will say that I have never seen a more helpful and knowledgeable group of developers, anywhere. They're approachable, friendly, apparently ego-free - incredibly so - and are always happy to acknowledge the suggestions of others and recommend to the developer that they be implemented into the next upgrade. Man, I have been places where if you tried that, the developer would chop you off at the knees, tell you your ideas are not even worthy of discussion and publicly humiliate you, usually with something along the lines that you are subhuman garbage with an IQ hovering at room temperature. You've seen it. I've never seen that, here. Honestly, I have never seen any displays of bad behavior, from staff or members. A few cantankerous and/or hard to please members, but, hey - these are humanoids we are dealing with. Oftentimes they are under much stress and pressure to complete tasks. Still, nary an untoward word.

    My modus operandi doesn't make me better or more noble than anyone else. We're all different, I accept all for whom they are and I try not to judge anyone. Again. I wasn't trying to poke you. My intentions were pure and my curiosity was genuine. Perhaps my curiosity was misplaced. My apology. Peace. - Frank

    P.S. I have absolutely NO idea why I am going on about this or what I am talking about. Lost in time and space. :slight_frown:

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