Do Market Press developers are working to add more features to the plugin so it can be more competit

i just wonder…it s just that its a little frustrating that for all the simple function that most e-commerce plugins have like grid display, related products, wish list, product compare, and more we have to adapt other plugins for it to work or code it our self


  • PC
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hello @pacman

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    Thanks for taking time to bring this to our notice.

    We certainly are working on making the product better by each release and I am moving this to “Features and Feedback” section and also marking a note to our lead developer on the same.

    Here is a post from one of our members

    The FrameMarket theme has this grid display functionality if you need it real bad:

    I hope that helps and I am going to take your word further and you already have my +1 on the same.

    Cheers, PC

  • pacman
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    hi Pc:

    yup, i did read the 3 free addons submitted by Nick who is a member i think, not a wpmu staff member, and this is why i ask, that post is over a year old, and you guys havent implemented your own grid plugin except for the grid function on the frame market theme..

    i already have grid display, and its not from Nick´s plugin cus if im not wrong that plugin only works with local products no global ones, i did some css based on Bella´s post (another member).

    other thing, when any new member asks about grid always the staff always points to Nick´s plugins but because you didnt make them, you offer no support !! lol…

    And about themes….for marketpress we have 2 themes :slight_frown:

    im starting, as probably many members of this community, an online mall, with marketpress, but i just want to know that you guys are paying attention to our needs, im not the first one to ask, i just what to be sure that in the future the marketpress plugin will make my job easier…

    i hope you guys dont take this the wrong way but i think that most members dont care, no one tells anything, no constructive criticism from anyone, they all just get mad, try to get money back and leave…

    the real rest for you guys will be when wp-ecommerce, woo, or any other big dogs of commerce look at multisite and make there plugins compatible


  • Aaron
    • CTO

    We’ve been working very hard on the top requested MP features, and it’s already in internal testing. We hope to release next week:

    2.8 – 10/31/2012 – Aaron, Cole, Enzo

    – Added built in grid views!

    – Add in AJAX dropdown category and order filters to listings pages

    – Add optional breadcrumbs to checkout process steps

    – Add default product images

    – Added ability to trash/delete orders and adjusts stock counts accordingly

    – Add featured image import support to the CSV importer

    – Add a “clone product” functionality

    – Add hooks for custom shipping methods and tracking links

    – Forced shipping option recalculation when Country changes.

    – Fix bug with product list widget when ordering by price or sales

    – Fix missing closing tag in global widget breaking drag and drop

    – Fix shipping settings save filter for method plugins

    – Error check in Manual Payments gateway:

    – Fixed 10525 Paypal errors in global cart checkouts

    – Change the “from” price shown on variation listings to the lowest

    – Change PayPal generated timestamps for server timezone support

    – Other minor bug/notice fixes

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