Do Multi-Domains or Domain Mapping allow a site/content to be placed on the root folder?

Is Multi-Domain configured only to use subfolders or subdomains, or is it possible to place a WPM site on the root of the domain?

For example, my main WPMS is on

I have the following listed as domains in Multi-Domain

It seems to me so far that if I already have hosting for red/blue/green etc .com then even with wildcards enabled I cannot even add those sites to the MultiDomain list without encountering an error on the Multi-Domains settings page telling me I have a Wild Card error, and when I try to add a site using that domain I get a 404 error “The requested URL /wp-admin/network/ was not found on this server.” and the url in the browser address bar is

When I use domains which have no hosting whatsoever, I can add a * Wildcard A record and create a subdomain site, for example, but I can’t get any content on itself.

I have the Domain Mapping plugin installed, but when I try to map a site on the main domain, for example onto, I can also only do so if that site has not hosting.

I have tried parking the sites on the main domain, but the errors are the same as with hosted sites.

All I want is to have WPMS on which has a dedicated IP address.

To be able to create subdomain or folder sites for, etc

Have content available when visitors go to, etc

And be able to offer subdomain or subfolder sites on, etc for users.

It would be good if I could also use the email addresses on those domains and also include non WordPress Multi-Site content on them if I wanted to.

If something needs changing at server level then I am sure my hosting company will oblige, but if what I am trying to achieve is actually impossible, then I’d rather know now.

Hope someone out there can help.