Do not find sites.php file in wp-admin - adding supporter features

Hello there ... I am moving along quite nicely on my multi-site endeavor thanks to you all! However, today I am running into a couple of glitches regarding supporter and premium themes...

The site is at (please don't judge me I'm still in development :smiley:). WP 3.0.5 and all plugins up to date.

My problem is really not too major - as I have figured out that things are just slighlty different in arrangment than some of the instructions indicate (i.e. there is no network settings area - I am finding things under super admin instead)

However, when I go Support - Modify a Blog - and click on the Blogs Admin Page link I get page not found - I can see that it is trying to go to wp-admin/sites.php but that file doesn't exist in my install... any suggestions?


  • DavidM
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    Hello bettereverything,

    Thanks much for the feedback and I'm glad to see everything's working out well for you so far!

    I looked at the same admin area on a test site and received the same, dreaded 404 error! I'm guessing that the Multisite site-list used to reside be available via sites.php and that it's been changed in recent versions. If should be the following instead.


    I'll see what the developers have to say about it.


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