Do not find sites.php file in wp-admin - adding supporter features

Hello there ... I am moving along quite nicely on my multi-site endeavor thanks to you all! However, today I am running into a couple of glitches regarding supporter and premium themes...

The site is at (please don't judge me I'm still in development :smiley:). WP 3.0.5 and all plugins up to date.

My problem is really not too major - as I have figured out that things are just slighlty different in arrangment than some of the instructions indicate (i.e. there is no network settings area - I am finding things under super admin instead)

However, when I go Support - Modify a Blog - and click on the Blogs Admin Page link I get page not found - I can see that it is trying to go to wp-admin/sites.php but that file doesn't exist in my install... any suggestions?