Do not send email when creating new site!

Has anyone else had this issue. I created a new site in my multisite for a client and select , do not send email notification when creating site but it still sends an email?

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    Greetings scott74 :slight_smile:

    I know you are referring to a welcome email, but in this case are you specifically referring to the Email WordPress sends out by default?

    Could you please supply a copy of the content of such an email?

    Joe :slight_smile:

  • scott74
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    yes, basically going into my multisite creating a new site for a user and selection do not email user of this notification of new site and they still get this

    Dear User,

    Your new account is set up.

    You can log in with the following information:
    Username: so and so
    Passwor : so and so pass

    I do this because I want to send them an email and pass myself .. .because I may be testing and need to mess around logged in as them and I dont want them loggig in before things are set up

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    Greetings Scott :slight_smile:

    aha! I have looked into suppressing the WordPress Email function of sending the users name and password and I have learned that it is almost impossible due to among other things security reasons.

    But what about a word around?

    I think this can be accomplished by using the catchall email address of your hosting account to forward emails to you using an email address of your own one time creation to facilitate the activation of the account and to avoid the dreaded error message "email account already used"

    So I envision this working and lets say the site is for Sam Elliot and his real email is

    I go into the account and create Sam's account but in the address use an made up email from my own hosting account that the catchall will send to me. i.e.

    Then when I finish modifying and tinkering with his account, in Network Admin dashboard I change the email address to reflect his real email address from the catchall one I previously created.

    Then i send him an email using the one I received as a template changing it to suit my fancy.

    Joe :slight_smile:

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