Do not upgrade chat through WP auto update.

Just to give a heads up to others out there and it's probably wise to mention this somewhere in the chat description area as well or where ever appropriate.

I just installed the Chat (not lite version) from this site. As soon as I uploaded it to my server and installed it, WP had notified me that there was an update for it but WPMU auto notifier didn't mention anything about this. So I went ahead and did the auto update through WP and everything went smoothly until I saw that the update only applies to the lite version and not the full version (is this right?! O_o?)). Either way, dunno if this is a bug, but since the versioning system between the lite and pro are the same, this could confuse others in updating. WP auto updater should be able to detect the version type (pro and lite) and ignore the update for pro users unless there is one. Can someone look into this and tell me I'm not going crazy here>