Do Upfront Themes work with BuddyPress?


Are Upfront themes compatible with BuddyPress?

Within the details page of each Upfront theme, BuddyPress isn't listed as compatible. But the Legacy theme's page makes it seem like there's no reason to use the Legacy themes and that I should be going to Upfront themes first (see screenshot).

My end goal is to have a website that accomplishes the following:
-Magazine style blog that is very visually appealing
-Gated access; users must be a member of the site, or join the site
-Ecommerce capable; ability to sell a few products while providing a lot of editorial content

I'm trying to decide if I need to use the Memberships2 plugin as well as the BuddyPress plugin to accomplish this. It seems like it would be great to use both and would give me a lot of options down the line, but I would also like to use the Upfront themes.