Do we get points when we respond in threads?

Do we get points when we respond in threads?

  • Tom Eagles
    • Syntax Hero

    Hi Jane

    Ok every time you post on the forum you gain 1 point.

    If you help someone either hopefully they or a member of staff will give you points by way of saying thanks.

    What you need to get points wise is laid out in the link Ari posted, they key element to this is the 400 points from 10 other users. I wouldnt worry about the points from other users they do come thick and fast when you are helping others.

    Other ways of getting points are for example posting a mini tutorial you created or a translation of a plugin, anything that benefits the community.

    Once you reach the point where you have 1000 or more points and have at least 400 from others drop us an email, we manually check all lifetime membership accounts and if all is ok you will gain the free membership.

    It may sound daunting at first but trust me its been done at least 3 times in less than 4 weeks :slight_smile:


Thank NAME, for their help.

Let NAME know exactly why they deserved these points.

Gift a custom amount of points.