Do you have a book writing plugin or theme?


I want to create a wp website where I can write a book (not articles but actual long 10-20 page chapters) but would be easy to read for my visits. I would also want to allow other authors to write their own books (again, not articles but long books divided in chapters).

Each author should only be able to see, edit, write their own books but not see other author books. I might even make this a paid membership site for authors wanting to write their own books.

Obviously, visits to this website sould be able to browse by author or book title and and make it easy for them to go through book pages.

Maybe make posts or pages to be no more than 10,000 words each but have a navigation menu (simulating turning to the next book page).

Do you have a plugin or theme (or ideas) of how I could accomplish this?

I’d greatly appreciate your advice.

Thanks guys!