Do you have a plugin to password protect and entire site?

Do you have a plugin to password protect an entire site that is part of a MS configuration? As in some sites within the MS will be password protected, and some will not.

  • Ivan
    • HummingBird

    Hello Doug,

    Hope you are having great week so far!

    We have Password Protect plugin. That can password protect different pages/post or just part of the content in them.

    But if you mean Multi Site with "MS" that wont work for you because it is managed site by site not from the main one.

    I made a little research and wasn't able to find plugin that can password protect sub sites in multi site install.

    You could post a job and hire someone to do it from our job board. It shouldn't be very extensive task.


    • Doug
      • Design Lord, Child of Thor

      Thanks Ivan - hope you've had a good holiday week.

      Yes, it's the sub sites we might want to protect. Having never had a plugin custom made before, what would a rough estimate be on what that would cost?

      I won't hold you to it - just rough ball park figure.

      With our UI, it's important users would be able to select that option from our app, so I guess the plugin would need some kind of API as well?

      Phil (Doug is away on holiday down under)

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