Do you have the plugins I need?

Hi there,
I've been meaning to get full membership but too much work gets in the way. I now have a new project that I think the framework and plugins from WPMU might really make it worth while. Can you advise me if I'm right, would a full membership be a good idea in this instant and if so which plugins I would need to make the following work.

My client is an exhibition organiser and has many exhibitions that require "Exhibitor Manuals". These are online documentation consisting of pages of rules, regulations and specifications for exhibiting. Most of the information is static and is the same for each show. But these pages also contain data that changes per show (e.g. local contact details, venue address, show opening and closing times) and I would like this dynamic data to be
localised so the client can just update this easily in one place. (Like a linked spreadsheet).

Also the information needs to be indexed so it can be searched, or a list of key words displayed in alphabetical order (e.g.

Then there is another section full of forms and I have decided to utilise QuForm plugin for this section. I'm using wordpress mulitsite so the main website can reside at the root and the manual be in a subdirectory /manual

Look forward to hearing back from you.
Best wishes
Lucinda Holland