do you have to be logged in to add a listing?

This may be the source of my frustration. I keep seeing the error message:

This feature is currently disabled by the system administrator.

But only when I am testing and not logged in. I checked the settings and all the roles to which I can give permission imply that the person already has a relationship with the site e.g. they are logged in.

In the documentation for the previous version at the bottom of the page is this:

If you want visitors to be able to submit their listings to your Directory you need to next go to Directory > Settings and click on Payments to set up your PayPal Express and/or gateways.`

I set up paypal but that didn't help.

The next line says:

If you are creating a community based Directory you don't need to charge to people to add listing (i.w don't need to set up payment gateways).
You can add them as users to the site (or network).  All Super admins, admin users and directory members are able to create new listings,

implying that I need to manually add someone as a user before they can add a listing.

Is this so? If yes, I'll need to change the signup to first have the person subscribe to the site?