Do you know how many different multisite install can share

Do you know how many different multisite install can share the same shared hosting account. I have two domains that I want to set up multisites on but the second install seems to be conflicting with the first. Could this be due to the wildcard?

  • Patrick

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    Yes, if you have a wildcard subdomain set up in cPanel that points to an IP shared by other sites, there could definitely be conflicts. You would likely either get a too-many-redirects loop/error, or get directed to the default page served up your host.

    But, in theory, you can have an unlimited number of multisites on the same shared account. The things that can limit the functionality and page load times are bandwidth and server strain (too many resources). Using too many server resources on a shared account can cause your site to get suspended by your host.

    So if you are setting up a multisite install, and anticipate (or hope for) lots of traffic, it would be wise to set it up on a dedicated IP.

    That is also requirement if you plan on offering domain mapping as a feature for your sub-site admins.

  • Timothy Bowers

    On Multisite with Domain Mapping you can integrate with eNom so they can purchase domain names through you and have them provisioned automatically.

    Or if they use another method to register then they can use the DNS A Record to point the domain in.

    If you have any different questions then please feel free to open a new ticket. :slight_smile:

    Take care and have a fantastic weekend!

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