Do you know of any consultant who is a Plugin Guru?

Do you know of any consultant who is a Plugin Guru? Someone who knows what all the plugin options are (both wpmudev and other) and who has experience implementing most of them.

I need a consultant who would be available from time to time on an as needed basis to select, install and configure different plugins as needed. Can you help me identify someone who would fit the bill?

  • Curtis-S
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    Thanks Pat.

    1. I tried that link, but it was not particularly useful in finding a plugin guru.

    2. Also it contains outdated information and is being replaced by a new database located here:

    The new database does not yet have any new content

    3. Though the design of both of these databases I found not be useful in locating consultants. There is no good way to access either database... and while the older database has entries, not only are the descriptions of little use in distinguishing one consultant from the other.... there are a whole lot of people in there who appear to no longer be in business.

    My guess is the really good consultants are not in that database. And there is no substitute for personal references is there?

    Does that make sense to you?

  • Curtis-S
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    Thanks Tweaky may be very helpful. Can you pass this recommendation on to the appropriate WPMU staff. The new site should:
    1. Make it easier to to browse the consultant's by catagory
    2. Permit each consultant more room to provide a bigger description of what they do and recent projects they have worked on
    3. Maintain a question and answer page for each consultant so that people can ask questions about what they do or don't do, and prospective clients can read previous questions and answers.
    4. Be added to the top menu on the site so people can find it.

    PS: If you can acquire points for submitting these recommendations without referring to the original source, I request and encourage you to do so.

  • Patrick
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    Hi again @Curtis-S

    Excellent suggestions! I'll be sure the right people see this. :slight_smile:

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