Do you plan to have a Theme for bbPress 2.0+?

bbPress comes with the bbPress-TwentyTen theme.

Your Edublogs bbPress Theme says it is compatible with bbPress 1.1. sells bbPress 2.0 themes.

Are you planning to have soon any bbPress 2.0 themes?



  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hiya Ed,

    For the most part, any standard WordPress theme is “compatible” in that bbPress does work with other themes and can use shortcodes for various elements.

    There’s no plans on making them further integrated with bbPress but we can have a look at that here.

    Anyone else looking for bbPress integration?


  • exberry
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi David,

    I tried to make bbPress work with the standard 20-10 theme but found it will not work properly. The bbPress version of 20-10 has the desired page templates and widgets. I could not reproduce all their functions using the bbPress shortcodes.

    So I think adding a bbPress support in themes would be a good idea. If 20-10 did it, then it cannot be too hard to add to any theme.



  • Ittavi
    • Flash Drive

    I concur. I am looking for bbpress specific themes to tie into a WP theme. Many would say “use Buddypress” however I tried that on my site and found:

    1. Buddypress just too complex for most users — i was having to write instruction pages — which would work for someone that is tech savvy but not for my users

    2. Significantly slowed down my site. As soon as I turned off buddypress my site ran much faster

    I would love the ability to have the look / feel of a bbpress premium theme that would tie into my theme.

  • VC Nickels
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I’m looking to integrate bbPress though since I’ll be using BuddyPress I’m not really sure if I’ll need to do it separately. bbPress is integrated into BuddyPress and if I’m not mistaken you can use shortcodes to list bbPress forums outside of their BuddyPress groups.

    Am I correct that that’s the case…?

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