Do you protect your bandwidth?

Yup, another one of those boring concept questions. :slight_smile:

I discovered this morning that a "major news site" used (ie: Hotlinked if you're familiar with the term) an image from one of my websites on theirs. (ie They copied the HTML from my site and used it on theirs.) I know that one of the lower features over at is that they allow their images to be used elsewhere on the net. In this case, no link or acknowledgment was given for usage or where the image came from although the image in question is a fairly common one found on the net.

Do you allow hotlinking on your sites? I know within CPanel and the Direct Admin that we use, it's an option to be turned on and off. Considering how much bandwidth a wpmu site normally uses, I would think what goes out in hotlinking is normally a tiny amount.

Just wondering about other folks' opinion on the matter.