Dock Skipper - AirBNB Type of Website

Hi Guys,

I'm not sure if this is the right place to send this in. I get all your newsletters on a daily basis and I notice that you feature WordPress businesses and interesting sites built on WordPress from time to time.

I just wanted to shoot over this link with hopes you could get it over to the right person:

Dock Skipper is a really unique site and stretches the boundaries on what WordPress is capable of. Think of it as AirBNB for private boat docks. The system is completely built on WordPress using custom post types, custom taxonomies, custom post statuses, and custom plugins. It's a pretty cool unique system that is 100% automated allowing users to rent private boat docks, pay, and get paid. It also featured an internal mailer, resolution center, and more.

While still somewhat in its infant stage, I thought it could be a unique story for one of your Whip newsletters, etc..

Thanks and please reach out with any questions: