Document Generator plugin similar to LegalZoom


I have been searching, without luck, for a wordpress plugin to create and sale documents on the fly similar to

I want customers answer several questions by means of one or more forms (single line, textarea, checkboxes, conditional pulldown menus, date field, email, etc.) and then automatically incorporate those fields within a pre-defined document. Then, the system will create a PDF with the final document and save it in customers' account.

If they want to view/print/email the final PDF document, first they would have to pay via paypal.

In conclusion, what I want is to charge for the final document. Its just like fill in the blanks and then incorporate those fields within the template document and generate a PDF and request payment if they want to view/print/email the final document.

Technical Summary:

Back end:
1. Add/view/edit/delete/import/print Forms (all field types, including conditional fields/menus)
2. Add/view/edit/delete/import/print Documents (template documents to be filled in with the fields contents)
3. Add/view/edit/delete/import/print Clients
4. PayPal integration (one time and recurring payments)
5. View/print Report: Sales (sort by Form,document,client,date, any field)
6. Export all records (.csv)
7. Option to generate the final document with or without header/footer
8. Final document must have page numbering (page x of y)
9. Option to choose if document will be generated/printed in Letter Size (8.5?x11?) or Legal Size (8.5? x 14?)
10. Option to add/edit Help icons with its description.
11. Forms should have a setting to enter one or more administrative email addresses that will receive copy of the contents of the form as well as the final PDF file.
12. Font customization in Title, body, header, footer).
13. Final PDF document should have a very professional presentation

Front End:
1. Users will be able to create/edit/view account/profile.
2. Users will be able to fill in any form once they create an account and/or as Guest mode.
3. Users will be able to create/view/print/save the final document only after payment have been received.
4. Users will be able to pay with PayPal.
5. Users will be able to login with their Facebook login also.
6. All fields must have a Help icon with detailed information.
7. Save & Continue button (clients can save & continue updating later)
8. Forms should have a percentage bar describing the stage or step they are currently working on. Ej. Step 1 of 6. Or 45% percentage bar.

I have been looking to FormidablePro plugin and others but none of them do the intended job.

Well... I hope I expressed myself clear. In simple words, the plugin should work similar to

Why someone could be interested in such a plugin? Well, there are a lot of people out there with great writing skills, within infinite niches and at the same time there are also a lot of people without the knowledge necessary to draft professional documents BUT willing to pay for it. That's exactly the model of LegalZoom and others out there. Just think for a minute, the huge earning potential of such a plugin.

If you are looking for the only one company with the professional resources and skills to develop such a plugin, look nowhere else: WPMUDEV is the only one!


  • phillcoxon

    Its a great idea and I wrote something similar for generating PDF invoices for customers several years ago.

    The trouble is that is is a very specialized application that will need to be heavily customized for every person that wanted to use it so the chances of wpmudev developing a plugin like this are pretty slim.

    What you might be able to do is use something like to create the initial multipart form and then have some custom code that inserts it into a PDF. You'd need to hire someone to create that code but it wouldn't be too difficult.

  • cbriere

    Hi phillcoxon,
    Thanks for your reply.

    I agree that it could be specialized, but respectfully disagree with "will need to be heavily customized for every person", because once the application is developed, the person just have to create the forms and map the fields into the final document.

    This type of plugin has a lot of potential, for people that are good designing professional documents. And that's a huge amount of people, for example: thousands of attorneys, thousands of paralegals, thousands of copywriters, and everyone that have the experience to write a document in just the right way. There are a lot of people out there with such skills but simply doesn't have the tools (plugin) to capitalize said knowledge.

    In our experience, people are willing to pay (and sometimes a lot of money) for just the right document.

    LegalZoom just do it. Others are on its way to replicate it: Nolo, RocketLawyer, etc. And others will come. So there is the business, with a huge market potential ... just need the plugin!

    Finally, if you are able to recommend a decent coder to implement your idea with gravityforms I will appreciate it.


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