After i install this NETWORK wide a user could go to back end > users > aff and enable it.
once they enable it they can either put in their site and then link to the main site from their site and the plugin knows the click through are coming from their site


the user can use the auto generated link ?ref=kljlkj-37

they can then go to users > aff and track clicks, purchases ect ect

but what do i do?

after activating it do i need to enable it? if so do i enable it on network admin or just admin?

paypal is not automated so i will just need to go in to there and see who sent me what and send them some money correct?

as far as the % that is not hard coded is it? i just kind of say on the sales page that you get X% for everyeone you send my way right?

i tested this on one child site and the click showed up instant and now im not sure if i screwed something up or if a cookie is set on my pc that doesnt allow the click to show up from another child site.

based on that if someone clicks on 2 ref links the first ref link will get credit for it right?
how long is the cookie stored for?

can i change the cookie length?