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I was under the impression that I can categorize activity posts via custompress but I was mistaken. I have created a categories table in the db with the nested categories that I need. I just wonder if there is anyone here that can show or explain some guidance if I were to categorize the activity post which table should I update and which are the php files for it. I noticed that what’s new is in postinfo.php but I am unable to see where the data function references goes to for updating. I do notice that it updates into a table called wp_bp_activites in content under the action activity if I am not mistaken. I wonder is there is a way i can add the action to maybe post an entry to custom post type and maybe i can create some kind of filter to display my category. Or as simple as links. I do sincerely hope that I can get a reply. Even an updated documentation to show how post updates work in activity stream and where it triggers and post information to would be super!! I have been searching for it. Maybe my skills aren’t good enough hopefully some developer can share me some documentation.

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    Hi plaincraz,

    Documentation for BuddyPress development would usually be posted up at, similar to development docs over at I think for the moment they’d be the optimal place to get that type of information.

    I took a look into this one a bit and I think the best way to get started with customizations as you’ve mentioned would be to have a look at the BuddyPress Skeleton Component as mentioned here:

    And more specifically, for adding items to the activity stream you could have a look at the following:


    Perhaps that’ll help you get started?


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