Does any wpmudev plugins do what wp optimize does ?

I would like to know if wp optimize is replaced by any of the wpmudev plugins. They have a premium version that support multisite and can be scheduled. I am not sure I need it if I have the core wpmudev plugins activate like hummingbird or defender

link: for wp optimize

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Lee

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    If you have our Hummingbird and Defender installed, that should be fine in my opinion. They don't "fully replace" the Pro version of WP Optimize but on the other hand, from what I can see on their description page, there's really nothing that "crucial" in the pro version that would significantly affect your site's performance.

    The main and most useful features of WP Optimize are mostly database optimization which is already included in Hummingbird (on Hummingbird Pro -> Advanced Tools -> Database cleanup page), including clearing up post revisions and drafts etc, clearing transient cache and also scheduling.

    Additional tools (like e.g. disabling trackbacks and pings etc) as well as some nice security audit (including logging what actions logged in users take in site's back-end) are included in Defender.

    What we don't cover (yet) is removing "orphaned images" from site (which is a feature in WP Optimize Pro) but that can be taken care of with some lighter/smaller 3rd party plugin such as:


    In addition, our WP Smush Pro will provide you with much better and advanced additional image optimization so it's worth giving a try to :slight_smile:

    I think with these 3 essential plugins installed and running on site, you should be fine.

    Kind regards,

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