Does anybody still have the WPMU Blog Registrations Plugin

Does anybody still have the WPMU Blog Registrations Plugin


    Here is my registration challenge. I have created a main domain (main-site) and multiple sub-domains (sub-sites). Each sub-domain requires the user to register for that domain to access content, articles, etc. I want each sub-domain to allow individual registration and allow those registered access to the main domain.

    Currently, when I register a user for one site and they try to register for another site, the message comes up that email is already being used.

    I want people to be able to register for each of the sub-domains or sub-sites if they choose. I do want anyone who registers for the sub-sites to automatically be registered for the main site.

    Is it possible also for those who register for a sub-site to be automatically registered to another sub-site which offers training on how to use the sites.




    Hi !

    Noticed a "functionality issue" about that on WP 3.0 (and 3.0.1) multisite

    In fact, a user cannot register to different blogs withe the same mail adress and login......

    In other way that means any registered user is considered as network user anyway even if it is not mentionned as a user in blog X

    This is a problem because any user registered on any site, if he try to connect to another site, he is redirected on the MAIN dasboard.

    MOREOVER, and this is a real issue, any user registered on any site, can acces to any private site blocked by any provacy plugin : absolute privacy OR member acces or any other ! In fact, any user will be considered as member on any site even if he does not appear in the user list !

    Is there any way to allow multiple registration on several blogs with the same email ?

    That is really necessary i think !

    James Farmer

    @hypnosisanswers - is each sub site part of the same Multisite install?

    The problem is a core one to WP - once the user creates an account for themselves with a username they are part of the central system and as such cannot create another account with the same email address (or username, for that matter).

    The problem is really that the below is exactly what is happening:

    "I do want anyone who registers for the sub-sites to automatically be registered for the main site."

    Hence they are then registered to all sub sites, with an existing username.

    Now - my question would be why this is an issue? Surely you could use the membership plugin separately on each sub site to allow access to 'content, articles, etc.' - wouldn't it make more sense that they could use the same login details for multiple sites (and also pay, or not, multiple times).

    Essentially if you want to maintain separate userbases to have to consider using separate WP installs and then somehow syncing them with a central database.

    @Aphrodite it's not a major issue, it's just how Multisite works.


    And "register" is really a misnomer. Registration can only be done once multisite wide. That is completely seperate from roles, where that registered user must be assigned to a role for each blog they want access to.

    What my plugin does is both. Allows registration anywhere, and then gives them a default role for whatever blog's register form they are using.


    This is an issue because that mean it is not possible to make private area... any user will bypass that !

    Well, in fact i manage to find at least THE provate plugin that works fine : Access member manager.

    Now, in would just be nice that your plugi says to subsciber

    "you are alreadt registered on X blog on this network, do you want to add this one" ^^ and then ohter plugins take the relay for eventually a private area, a manual admin validation for the new registered user etc...

    That would in fact solve the problem and bypass the manual setup by admin.

    Well what i understand in fact is that WP is no a real "multisite" as or sosblog but just a "multiblog" system.


    Hey Aaron,
    FYI - this pluggin is the reason I joined.

    Just a quick one on installing it. Does it go in the mu-plugins folder or is it done as a standard plugin?

    I am assuming it goes in mu-plugins folder but I didn't see any info on installation.


    Nu Eranet

    Hi Aaron,

    I am wondering if this plugin will resolve some of my challenges:

    1- I am creating a WP Multi-Site set up that includes a main site. The main site has two parts, the first is the site itself with sample pages and content to show potential members what they can expect as a paid member. The second part is a membership area ( plan to use Membership or WP Wishlist, depending on which one works best) that contains videos, training material, etc. When a member decides to sign up as a paid member they will have access to all the back-end training material, plus they will also get a sub-domain based site. The sub-domain site will be a clone of a primary site template we will have as part of the network.

    What we need is for a) when they sign up and pay that they get redirect back to a place where they can either register a sub-domain site or provide the details and we can create it for them. Not sure if WP3 MS does that automatically. However the registration they create needs to provide them exclusive access to their sub-domain site and access to the membership training material available in the back-end of the main site.

    Will your plugin help make this possible or at least help with some elements of getting this sort of thing rolling.

    Thank you


    Hiya Neuronet,

    In the future, it's probably best if ya just open up a new thread on something like this. While it's sort of related these older threads can get lost and you might not get a prompt response

    I think we discussed this a bit on another thread, but my thoughts are that in order to get this to work the way you're wanting, you're going to need to customize the registration procedure of WordPress quite a bit.

    I don't know of any plugin that works in the way you've described. It could be done, but you're talking about getting some custom development at this point. You can check out our Job Boards and post up your project specs if ya like:

    And, of course, maybe someone here will have a better suggestion and can point us to it! Anyone?



    I like your plugin as below

    What my plugin does is both. Allows registration anywhere, and then gives them a default role for whatever blog's register form they are using.

    My question is: Now, this new user wants to register for another sub-blog' default role (in addition to the one he registered on earlier), how can he do that?

    Thanks & Look forward to your feedback


    I installed the plugin and when I tried to register an account I received the following error message.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function login_header() in /home/niagarai/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mp-blog-register/mp-blog-register.php on line 51


    Hello !

    Does this plugin still functionnal ?

    There is in directory plugin the wpmu assist plugin but it does not work like this : members are still sent on main blog to register.

    Please guys can we have this registration issue solved definitly ? Even 3.5.1 still doesnt solve that. This is annoying !!!!

    EDIT :

    the plugin still works

    BUT it have to be enhanced for the case of people already registered on anothe site or main site.
    The option "you are already part of the xxxx network would you like to subscribe to this site also"

    racoon, chocolate, vodka even coffee but please !

    Tevya Washburn

    Coming back to this after a long time, I see that the WPMU Dev Uservoice seems to be offline. I thought that my suggestion to make this an official plugin had been accepted. But now, many months later, I can't find it anywhere.

    I also don't find it on as @Aaron said he was going to provide it in this thread. Shure would be nice to have this up-to-date and working well! We used it previously and it worked great, probably still does, but would be nice to know it's in active development. There's obviously a lot of applications for it. Why wouldn't you want to have it among your plugins? It makes a great "addon-on" to the various "Pro Blogs", membership, and other


    Hmmm, wouldn't mind looking into this, it would be useful on a new client network I am starting... but can't download the original plugin, it just gives me a blank screen.
    (and yes I am logged in) ? else how to get it ?


    @Symmone. Sorry, I don't have it anymore as I couldn't get it to work so many months ago. But I did have luck with the other plugin mentioned above (link below). It worked great in letting users sign-up and login for only the desired sub-site and integrated with the WordPress login. It also worked well with the WPMUdev Membership plugin registration form.

    I found the developer, Mika, to be very responsive and he made a few changes in my behalf.

    Chuck S.