Does anyone have an idea how to break a registration process into multi steps?

Well this question applies to Wordpress + Buddypress,

I'm trying to break my registration process into a few steps. Any ideas? As far as I know I guess there unfortunately isn't any plug-in for that here on WPMU DEV... :slight_frown:

  • ThePath
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    Hi zughafen thanks for the post.

    Well your question will raise a question with most folk here......why would you want that?

    The easier and less pages for a registration the better.

    So maybe if we knew why you wanted added steps and some more details on what you are trying to achieve with these steps then we might be able to help further.

    Ive certainly never seen any added step registration plugins, however a quick search here revealed this thread:

    A few plugins in there for you to check out

    Hope that helps...

  • zughafen
    • Flash Drive

    Hi ThePath,

    thanks for the quick response.
    Yeah, I just found that thread too, but I don't really understand how it was solved...
    I'm quite a beginner unfortunately with messing around with the actual files. If I have enough help though, I usually can figure it out :disappointed:

    It would just be nicer and more flow-y for my users.

    The target group is a fanclub for a record label, they shoudl on the first page be able to insert their typical infos, name, d.o.b., email password, etc, on the second page select which musicians they want to support, etc...


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