Does anyone know how to install WordPress on a VPS?

Does anyone know how to install WordPress on a VPS with no control panel?

Hi, I have got myself a VPS at a super price, the saving is largely due to the fact that I haven’t brought a control panel license. After all if your running WordPress all the site management is done via that so a fully fledged control panel is a bit redundant.

So my connection options are through a SSH port via an app or the Mac Terminal on my Macbook. The problem is my knowledge of using these are almost none existent.

The operating system I have is Centos7. I’ve googled the topic and the responses on WordPress install are somewhat confusing, but I have manged to get webmin running which I though might make it a doddle but alas it isn’t. I’ve been unable to use the install software with it or even set up a FTP user to do it that way. Don’t know how I’d connect it to a database anyway.

I have an option to rebuild the server and use Ubuntu if that is easier?

Has anyone done this install WordPress on a VPS this way successfully? Can they recommend a easy to follow guide or post the command lines please.