Does anyone know if BuddyPress and Nanacast play well together?

I asked Nanacast. They haven't tested it with BuddyPress.

I just wanted to see if anyone over here has tried using both together.

  • DavidM

    Hi Katy,

    I'm not familiar with Nanacast myself so I couldn't really say. There's an article I found regarding integration with WordPress, I imagine it'd be similar when using BuddyPress:

    I can't seem to find anything BuddyPress specific in regard to it though. I'll tag a few of the other guys over here too in case they're more familiar with it.


  • katypurviance

    I spent a lot of yesterday researching Nanacast and would like to report my findings for anyone who is thinking about going down this path.

    Their Memberlock plugin seems to cause no problems with Buddypress.

    Nanacast has the capability to link an order for a physical product to a fulfillment house (,, So, if you sell books, binders, CDs, DVDs, etc, you don't have to keep inventory or worry about shipping. Of course, they also give you the option to do your fulfillment manually.

    They also give you the ability to do one-click upsales and downsales. If you take a look at their features list, it'll just blow you away. It's truly incredible. And their support is helpful and quick, just like what we're used to here at WPMU DEV. (And it's $100 a month)

    But it turns out that Nanacast has a serious limitation when it comes to interfacing with WordPress; namely, a person can only be a member of one of your memberships at a time....which is a business-critical point for me and makes nanacast a no-go.

    I wrote to their support to make sure I understood the issue. They told me that if you wanted to allow a person to hold multiple memberships at a time through your single site, you're really a lot better off just using their stand alone version.

    But, if you do that, then you also lose out on the ability to integrate Buddy Press.

    This is a real dilemma.

    Anyway, I just wanted to report my findings in case anybody is thinking about buddypress + nanacast. I'd love to hear anybody else's insights on this.

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