Does anyone know of a plugin similar to or other alternate solutions with a script or Wo

Hi all:

Does anyone know of a plugin similar to or other alternate solutions with a script or Wordpress...

I have seen (which is a script installed directly on the server) and (cloud based).

However, I would like to find a integrated Wordpress Solution if possible or something like that is a bit more friendly on the install and presumably support/maintenance.

Any and all input welcome. is actually perfect but they are pretty expensive. I would like to avoid being dependent on them or similar for something so comprehensive.

It is a tall order I!

I think a lot of folks would like discussing this solution as many piece-meal or stitch different solutions together usually. A comprehensive and complete solution like would revolutionize effectiveness in my opinion.



  • Greg
    • The Exporter

    Hey @Jack

    Thanks for the response. I would like each module to be seamless where each works with each other not independent solutions where one has to go back and forth between systems etc.

    Ideally it being able to integrate with Google Apps so as to be able to see and update info right in gmail would be good as well but not required.

    Mobile accessible with Android, Iphone, Ipad, etc either natively or via a mobile app.

    Would be cool if we could come up with a WP Solution similar to (primary as I believe it is near a perfect solution). Second behind them is (which is open source but a bit complex to install, deploy, and Lord knows what maintenance/updates would be like)...however, I hear once it is installed that it is pretty user-friendly and comparable to I know there are tons of other solutions out there that do a good job at maybe 1 or two areas but few have all-around acceptable completeness like I have seen (so far) in though.

    But, hopefully we can find other gold-nugget gems out there that are comparable (I feel in my gut there are...hopefully open-source and portable data so that info is not locked into a proprietary system just in case of a change in the future.

    1. CRM/Sales Team (including email/gmail integration and Sales which is the goal of any CRM anyway)

    2. Project/Operations Management Team (ability to import spreadsheet task templates if possible along with appending the templates later to take away or add new tasks or sub-tasks etc would be ideal. Creating a ultimate deadline for the project and have it auto schedule each task and sub-tasks would be wonderful. Including easy of collaboration and updating via email, mobile etc.

    3. Optional and not required would be Support Team Tickets, Finance/Billing Team (not a huge necessity because those are already handled but still would be nice if it all was integrated in one place.

    Here is a really nice workflow that I like that gives a visual:

    Easy right? Not asking for the world or!



  • Greg
    • The Exporter


    Nice. Sounds good. I am continuing to dig myself. worketc really has this thing down it looks like but too expensive. Maybe use worketc as a model for another new WPMUDEV outstanding project/plugin for the future huh?



  • PC
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hey Greg,

    @Jack Kitterhing discussed this with me. While we don't have any current plans to do a CRM plugin at the moment, here are a few posts I found that should give you a good direction to start :

    I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same.

    Sales &Support

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