Does anyone run wpmu on Media Temple?

currently I am running wpmu on Bluehost in subdirectories mode since they do not support wildcard dns, I discussed the situation in the following thread before:

I used to give up moving from Bluehost because it is painful, but now I found more and more visible and potential problems with subdirectories mode, some "must-have" plugins do not work in subdirectories mode, maybe there are more features and plugins will get problem with subdirectories in future, thus, I think I have to make up my mind, it is time to move now!

I saw Media Temple is on the hosting list here, does anyone have experience in running wpmu on it? which service do you pick? the price of their (gs)Grid-Service looks nice, does it support wildcard dns? I would like to see some comments, thanks!

btw, I also had a look at Synhosting, it is more expensive, but I will still consider it if it is worth, does anyone run wpmu on Synhosting? thanks!