Does Appointment + plugin fits my requirements?


Appointment + plugin looks great for me. However, can I check if the plugin can fit in my requirements?

• There will only be 1 appointment slot per day, and there is only 1 time slot for the appointment.

• Basically, to make appointments, the customers will select on the dates and fill up on their contact details. These information will be sent to the admin’s email. Emails will be sent to the customers too. For the appointments to ‘be effective’, they have to do transfer funds to admin in the next 24 hours.

• The admin’s calendar will be updated with the reservation marked as ‘Reserved’. If the customer pays up within the next 24 hours, the admin will update the reservation and it will be marked as ‘Paid’.

• On the admin’s calendar, he can click on the daily reservations and view on the related information

• If the customers fail to transfer funds, the admin will go to the backend panel and cancel on their appointments – so that these dates will be made available for others to book. An email will be sent to the customers notifying them on this.

• Reminder emails can sent to the customers 1 day before their appointment slots.

• The admin has the full access to BLOCK or UNBLOCK each appointment slot.

• Customers are NOT allowed to make appointment bookings 24 hours before the next day’s time slot.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hello, Shaun!

    We can do all of this and more with Appointments+, with just a few addons.

    1. You're going to need manual payments, which is not an included payment Gateway with Appts+, so we'll need to use MarketPress as well. Integrating MarketPress takes just a little more setup time, but it's worth it to add the payment gateway flexibility.

    2. One appointment slot per day: No problem! That will actually simplify your set up by an exponential amount. It's when you have 10 service providers, 10 services, and 10 different appointment lengths that things get hairy. : )

    3. Making appointments: Totally covered, most with the default settings.

    4. Admin calendar: Right now, we call that "Pending" and "Confirmed," but if you use Ultimate Branding, those text changes will only take a minute or two. Rest is included.

    5. Admin can easily cancel appointments from the back end. Go to Appointments > Appointments, and each will be listed in the same way you'd see a list of posts or pages.

    6. Reminder emails - Included.

    7. Admin can block appointment slots either by marking that time unavailable, or by creating an exception, which blocks off time that would typically be available on special days.

    8. You can absolutely control how soon before an appointment is available that a customer can make an appointment.

    Hope this helps!

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Shaun,

    Hope you're doing well today and thanks for your reply.

    Can I check if I can disable the 'Service Provider' from the front end of the website?

    What do you mean disable? You just don't want to show the dropdown? If you only have 1 service provider then you don't need to show it at all, it will always default to that service provider no matter what service they choose - as long as the service provided is assigned to that service anyway.

    If this is the case then you can just remove the service provider shortcode from the make an appointment page :slight_smile:

    If that isn't the case, do you mind providing a bit more info on your situation? Then I can look more into it.

    Also, how can I change the message as shown in the attached image?

    Which message do you want to change? The text on the button?

    "Please Click Here To Confirm This Appointment"? Or the text above the box? and what do you want to change it too.

    In either case I believe you could use our Ultimate Branding plugin and activate the "Network wide text change" module, then just place the text in you want to change and what you want to change it too, then it should do all the work for you :slight_smile:

    Hope that helps. Look forward to your reply!

    All the best,

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