Does BP-Corporate have .mo files to use with Translation Plugin?

Since your Ultimate Translation plugin doesn't work, I was referred to another Translation Plugin......and I need to know if the BP-Corporate theme has .mo files. If so I can use Option 2 of the plugin configuration...........see below. Please advise. Thanks Eileen

Option 2: Using a .mo file for theme localization

Many WordPress themes already come with translations to different languages. When this is available, you can use the translation that’s already provided instead of translating yourself.

To use translation from a .mo file, choose the first option from the theme localization menu. The only thing that you need to specify is the text-domain for your theme.

When the theme was created, the texts were wrapped in gettext calls. Each call includes two arguments – the string that needs to be translated and a second argument called the text-domain. This second argument identifies all the texts in the theme as belonging to it. You need to enter this value in the text domain field, so that WPML can load the translation file and assign it to the theme.