Does Coursepress offer courses by members/roles?

Hi Guys

Quick one, i am looking for certain role types in my buddypress site to offer free short courses, with content either developed by them or by the "borg" (all of the community).

Is this doable in coursepress or is courses admin only?

  • Milan

    Hello Derek,

    I hope you are having a good day and thanks for asking us. :slight_smile:

    You can assign user as instructor to that course and in that way he will be able to manage course. But something like community or board management with compresses pro is not possible right now and will require custom amount of coding to be done. Also I would like to quote our developer response here,

    It's not possible to create group of instructor. If it's instructor then it will have capabilities with other instructors. It doesn't have a feature that caters only certain group or user

    Hope this helps you. Please ping me back if you need further help.
    Best Regards,

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