Does Forminator encrypt the content send to google sheets?

I want to use a form program to transfer confidential information. Does Forminator encrypt the content send to google sheets? We have SSL on our site.

If it’s not encrypted, can a plugin like make it encrypted or any other workaround or if we use google apps and send the information to google sheets, will that be encrypted? Please help.

  • Adam Czajczyk
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    Hi Rod

    I hope you’re well today!

    Are you referring to the encryption as in “a message from Forminator to Google sheets is encrypted during the communication” or as in “a Forminator data is somehow encrypted and stored in that form in Google Sheet so it can only be decrypted with some key and everything else see just encrypted code in the sheet”?

    I’m asking because I’m slightly confused as you mentioned SSl and also PHP mail encryption plugin. The latter will not help in any way here as the data is not being sent via e-mail but travels over API (Application Programming Interface) that is provided by Google and the implementation follows requirements set by Google.

    So, the data itself travels “as is” – formatted to the proper format required by Google API, the access to your Google sheets is protected by the API key (OAuth 2 authorization) and entire communication is protected by SSL which is applied on both sides – your site and Google.

    That would cover the first case – the “communication encryption”. But if it’s actually about additionally encrypting data (e.g. with some PGP key) and storing them in that form in Google sheets (apart from internal data encryption that Google applies) so it could only be deciphered after providing some key, that’d be a different thing and it’s not supported by Forminator currently.

    I believe it could possibly be done using Forminator API as it provides ways to interact with the data gathered via Forms (so you could apply some form of additional encryption there) but it would require significant custom development.

    If you got any follow-up questions on this (or if I misunderstood you), please let me know and I’ll be glad to assist you further.

    Best regards,


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