Does Fundraiser populate PayPal info across multisite?

Does Fundraiser populate all of the PayPal info if I activate it across a network?

I'd like the ability to do multiple fundraising campaigns that are tracked by individual projects so that I could get the money to the project individually at the end.

I only want one payment gateway though. I don't want users to set up their own payment info so that it goes directly to them.

The real question is probably should I use a single site with the fundraiser plugin or should I use Multisite given that I want all the money to run through one account and then divide it up by project after that.

Or is that handled a different way in the plugin for multiple projects?

Looking for general info on how to set that up architecturally.

  • Kimberly

    Hello Wally!

    Welcome to the WPMUDEV Community!

    You have a couple of options, the first would be to use a single site and filter all the monies through a single paypal.

    The second would be to use multisite and use one paypal, this would allow you to see in paypal which payments came from where.

    The fundraising plugin doesn't allow percentage takes so you'd be left with one of the above options.

    If you decided to go multisite you could use the New Blog Templates plugin to create a cookie cutter site, and then something like this User Role editor or even our Easy Blogger to restrict folks from changing anything other than text on the Fundraiser. This way you can manage where things are coming from and keep folks from playing where they don't belong.




  • wally8

    Thanks for the input Kimberly.

    The main thing I need is to be able to tell what money went to what projects the easiest way possible. These will be donation type projects so there won't be an overall goal to fulfill. It should just take the payment and apply it at the time of transaction.

    So could you explain the "plugin doesn't allow percentage takes" part a little?

    Those plugins would probably do the trick. I want the post or site to be created as quickly and easily as possible so those plugins should work well. I will be approving all creations at this point so a creation template should do the trick.

    Just trying to understand the mechanics of how to set it up before I jump in and start tuning.

  • Kimberly

    The percentage takes was in reference to what I read when you stated you would collect all the money and then disburse to the proper place.

    It was mentioned in the context of you wanting to handle the payments that ways so you could take a percentage for you fees or whatever reason.

    If you are not doing that, then the suggestion is moot :slight_smile:

    I was just referring to PayPal's chained payments feature.

    You should have no trouble if you are taking payments straight up. I still think Multisite would be the better way to keep track, however I would test with a sandbox account first to see exactly how the info comes in, as I'm not 100% how PayPal would organize the payments.

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