Does Google MAPS allow an auto input for a GPS location to get directions?

ie: directions for where a person is standing to a restaurant? I’ve got the restaurant located but I want them to be able to touch a button on the screen that auto enters their GPS postion. Many people in city areas don’t even know where the are. Also, they have to input a name, address, city and zip to get the directions feature to work.

Any ideas?


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    Hi drschilling,

    I’m not quite sure I’m following you on this. By “auto-enter” their GPS position, do you mean you’d like the plugin itself to establish their GPS position itself? Or simply provide an input box for GPS coordinates?

    There’s no geo-location features as such in the current version though there’s some great work being done to that effect and there’s a beta available in the following thread with some support for geo-location.

    As for the directions, with a pin selected (which should have an address attached to it) you should only have to enter the location you’re coming from and it should take care of the rest. Are you seeing otherwise?



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