Does Infinite SEO help indexing of queried internal links?

I have have a few pages on my site that walk through a process of querying a custom post type with it's taxonomies.
(they can be seen here and here). I'm currently using the Google XML Sitemaps plugin.

I created a sitemap and I was anticipating to see several thousands of links based on the queryable links found in my examples. However, I i essentially had one link for each of my taxonomy terms and one link for each of my custom post types.

I'm planning a switch to the Infinte SEO plugin and saw the following:

The automatic linking feature automates deep linking within your site’s post and pages so that crawlers can quickly and easily index all of your content.

Am I correct to assume that the Infinite SEO plugin is going to help get my queryable links (example) to get indexed by Google, since they don't appear in the sitemap?

If this has been addressed or someone has more information from WordPress or Google, I'd love to read and learn more about it. SEO with WordPress is a whole new realm for me.

  • Tom Eagles
    • Syntax Hero


    It can create the internal links but to be honest i am not sure if it can add the queried pages, I have asked one of my colleagues and he has the same thoughts. So i am bringing the developer in on this for a definitive answer. Hopefully @Vladislav will be able to let us know one way or another.


  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    The queried pages won't automatically appear, unfortunately - if the plugin can't calculate the permalink to an entry, it won't recognise it as a replaceable entity. You can map your own expressions to URLs for auto-replacement, but in your case this might not scale very well with the sheer number of entries you'd have to add.

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