Does integration exista for DOBA?

I'm setting up a network for a client using WPMU and I find that he'd like to add a DOBA store. What I've yet to find is a plugin or tool that integrates with this particular shopping system. After speaking with DOBA support they state that I'd have to use a data export tool to create catalog which is saved as a .CSV file. From here I'd have to upload the file to create the catalog in the site. They also state that they use the eBay system so I'm wondering if I could use an eBay plugin to manage this? I guess I need to know if anyone knows of a plugin, tool, or method for managing this type of shopping cart in WPMU? This network will contain about four (4) websites so if he wants to place ads on a few of these sites can this be done in WPMU and managed "centrally" from the store's website?

Any responses appreciated

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