Does Easy Blogging work with Admin Panel Tips, Admin Ads and Admin Message?

Hi all,
I have posted this before the stable version was released but that thread is now closed.
So I have to repost here:

I've started testing this beta version of the Easy blogging plugin and looks great.
Couple of things I noticed though that could be improved maybe?
1. The plugin needs to be network activated in order to manage the different options given on the network admin panel (Easy blogging, wizard, tooltips). But I feel I want to provide the use of it to only a few sites (supporters, students, newcomers).
I think it would be more practical to have it network activated (so one can have the setup network page), and THEN have an option to have it network activated or on a per site.
2. It does NOT support the other very useful plugin Admin Panel Tips, Admin Ads. I don't know if the same goes for and Admin Message plugins.

Thank you.

  • Philip John


    So effectively you want to be able to delegate certain parts of the plugin to sub-site admins, depending on their status (e.g. Supporter)?

    When you say it doesn't support those other plugins, in what way do you mean? Are you having issues with them when activated together? This wouldn't surprise me as those plugins integrate with the features of the standard dashboard which are of course removed by EB.


  • marikamitsos

    Hi Phil,
    Yes we want to make it available to ONLY students, not "tech savvy" or (maybe) supporters. In general be able to activate it on a per site basis and not network activated for all sites.
    On the instructions page it says:

    For WordPress Multisite installs - Activate it site-by-site in Plugins in the site admin dashboard (say if you wanted to make it a Supporter premium plugin).

    The thing though is that this way one does NOT get the options on the superadmin page.

    As for the Admin Panel Tips, Admin Ads.

    This wouldn't surprise me

    It does surprise me though. :slight_frown:
    The tips are an extra help and I think they should still be there. We also use them to send users to internal links for support. The Ads are used to motivate free users to sign up to the pro account. They are also used to generate revenue from affiliate sites. They can not be excluded.

    Please have a look at it. Thanks

  • Philip John

    I think there's possible confusion here between activating the plugin and activating the easy admin.

    You can activate the plugin network-wide and that will give every user on the network the option to activate the easy admin interface.

    If you don't network activate, each sub-site admin will have to activate the plugin themselves in order to provide the option for users to activate the easy admin interface.

    The other admin panels won't integrate with Easy Blogging because as soon as you activate Easy Admin, the majority of features covered are no longer visible so there is nothing to latch onto.

    Instead, easy blogging comes with it's own tooltips to help the less-savvy users. Adding anything else in would obviously reduce the ease of use of the easy admin interface.


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