Does Manual Supporter Blog Time Extension Credit Affiliate?


I was wondering, if I manually extend a blog and that blog's owner was referred by an affiliate to the website originally, will this then credit the affiliate for the term I extend the blog?

So... if I have my affiliate commission set at say $50 for a one year "supporter" purchase and I go in and extend a blog for a year manually, will the original referring affiliate get the $50 added to their commission report even though the extension was done manually?

Just wondering how the manual blog extensions affect the affiliate commissions or if they do.

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  • Barry
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    The affiliate plugin (the default integration) is linked to the "supporter_payment_processed" action which is fired when a payment is received, not when the term is extended. So you should be able to manually extend a blog without it affecting the affiliates commission payments.

  • monsterdevelopment
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    One other question just to be clear then. If someone is sent by an affiliate link to the site and then they signup for a free term (supporter).

    Then say they call in on the phone and someone manually upgrades them, is the affiliate going to get commission for sending that person since they referred them? I guess not, since the firing action is happening on the return from the gateway after successful payment, which makes sense. Is there an easy way to make sure the affiliate does get a commission when the blog is manually extended?

    If not, would you guys be able to add a feature to the supporter extend page so when you manually upgrade or extend someone, AND you have the affiliate program installed, that you can choose (perhaps a check box during manual extend process reading: Would you like to credit original referring affiliate if one exists?) to give the original referring affiliate their credit, so if an affiliate sent a person and the person they send call in on the phone and gets extended manually we can select to apply the originating affiliate's credit. I just want to make sure the affiliate always gets credit when it is due. :slight_smile:

    Any help on a way to do this would be great....

    Thanks so much, you guys have one of the best resources ever.

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