Does marketpress have canadian tax law functionality?

Can Marketpress be used in Canada to sell products to different provinces who have different tax rates?

Does it have this capability?

The tax rate would have to automatically change based on what province the product was being shipped to.

  • aecnu
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    Greetings goliant :slight_smile:

    I have checked and from what I could find in the Marketpress Plugin – it allows for you to select a single tax base location but it is not based upon purchasers location rather it is based on vendors location.

    This is certainly the common practice in the US and the only reason a company currently needs to charge tax from a different state is if they have a physical presence in said state.

    You may want to check into this to see if it is the same in Canada if you have not already.

    All Governments are Parasites of the people, how big a parasite obviously depends on location ….. lol

    Joe :slight_smile:

  • dubya
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    Although there is talk of changing this, it is currently the same as in the US like @aecnu mentioned above. You charge the tax(es) based on where the seller is. Even when shipping to other countries.

    I can, however see a possible need for adding a seccond tax option. Each Province sets it’s own sales tax rate (PST), plus the Federal goods and services tax (GST) which is standard across the board. So we actually pay two sales taxes (except Alberta which is “oil rich”:wink:.

    But wait. It gets even better… Some (not all) Provinces have adopted a harmonized sales tax (HST) that is a combination of the two. So some Provinces have two taxes while some have one.

    So having a seccond tax option would be helpful to some Canadian sellers, I’m sure.

    Lets not get into how Status Indians are exempt from paying the Federal portion.

    No wonder our Government is not bankrupt like the rest of the world. :wink:

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