Does MarketPress work with taxcloud?

We are currently using Market Press and enjoy using it however, we are aware of the new tax laws requiring state taxes to be collected on internet sales, i.e. based on your zip code and need to be able to support the new tax law. We have seen that Tax Cloud can provide the state sales tax information however, we do not see that this is available to work with Market Press. It does work with Woo commerce though. In fact we could not locate any method that would allow Market Press to be able to calculate tax rates in support of the new tax laws. Could you please tell me if you have provide any integration into something such as tax cloud or provide any other option for calculating state sales tax to support the new tax laws? And if so what are they? If not when will you? If you are not planning to provide support for the new tax laws that we would have to move over to using something such as woo commerce.