does membership work for multisite urls?


i am using membership its perfectly! i have subsite pages that i want to restrict access to. so basically if they try to go that that subsite page, it redirects back to my main site sales page. can this be done?

  • Barry
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    Yes, you need to configure the plugin to use global tables (it’s in the config file) and enable it network wide. You may have an issue with table creation if you are already running it on the first site, so if you have any issues after initially switching it to a global install then that will be the reason – so pop back and we can guide you through the changeover.

  • rooze
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    Boy I’m struggling with this!

    I’m trying to do something similar to the first poster in this thread. I want all my Premium (paid) content to be on a sub-blog then just restrict access to the entire blog.

    It seems to be setup for doing that but I can’t get it to work

    I’ve created 3 Member levels (all active) for Visitor, Free(registered user) and Premium (paid – PP Express).

    I’ve created 3 subscriptions (active/public).

    Then inside the Visitor and Free levels I pull down the BP Blogs option into the Negative box, it displays all may sub-blogs and I check the one I don’t want access to. But it doesn’t stop access. I’ve also tried it in the Positive position but no joy. I’ve tried the URL Groups option, placing my full sub-blog URL into that and trying it in both negative/positive positions, no joy.

    Then I found this thread. So I edited the membership config file, changed global tables to ‘true’, deactivated and reactivated the plugin network wide, and it makes no difference.

    How can I hide a sub-blog entirely from non-paid members?


  • rooze
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    In ref to my post above…after more messing, I’m starting to think I’ve gone down the wrong path.

    I setup membership in my main site and tried to use it to restrict access to a sub-blog.

    Perhaps I should network deactivate the plugin, activate it only on the sub-blog and control access there.

    The thing that has me confused is why is there the BP Blogs option in the levels control panel, that seems to suggest it is possible to restrict access to sub blogs, why else would it be there….?…or isn’t it working as it should?

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