Does Multi-DB attempt connect to DB prior to query being made?

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Hopefully you can get to this one tonight so that I can keep reading/thinking on track... :slight_smile:

To begin with, I am currently working with the WP-Multi-Network plugin (slightly adapted - and am loving it! Networks-for-WordPress was essentially the base for WP-Multi-Network and the code base is still much the same... now I've gotten to wondering "...will this work with Multi-DB | HyperDB?"

I'm thinking that (perhaps with some quirky config steps) it should work... any experience/knowledge about doing this?

Regarding Multi-DB/HyperDB:
1) I understand that they are very different yet only have (some) experience with Multi-DB... can you highlight some of the key differences as you see them?

2) in particular, while reading over the plugin faq ( I was liking that it seemed ready to be worked on for replication/failover configurations for theoretical future, and then also this statement:

One way HyperDB differs from WPDB is that HyperDB does not attempt to connect to a database until a query is made. Thus a site with sufficiently aggressive persistent caching could remain read-only accessible despite the database becoming unreachable.

3) does Multi-DB similarly refrains from db connection prior to query?

4) errata: any good reference threads on wpmudev on Networks-for-WordPress | WP-Multi-Network you can refer me to?

Cheers, Max