Does Multi-DB work with Mapped Domains?


I'm looking to install Multi-DB, but am not sure if it is going to cause a problem.

I was reading the instructions posted by and he mentioned that it broke his mapped domains.

Should I expect this to happen?

If so, how do I get a list of all my mapped domains and fix them?


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    Hey guys,

    I may have forgotten to do the table as global, and I would highly recommend you look at that when you upgrade, though i was pretty sure I was thorough and my configuration is fairly straight forward. I will be testing this again in order to double-check the details in my tutorial and let you know. But I only had roughly 10 mapped domains so it was a quick fix, I would be sure to check them immediately after the move to the multi-db. Also, Andrea is right, mapped domains definitely do work with WPMu multi-databases, they just broke in the move from a single to many---as to why, just not sure yet---but I need to find out.

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