Does Pay with A Like work with Optimize Press?

Does Pay with a Like work on sites running Optimize Press?

I installed, enabled (basically opened it up) and do not see it on the front end. The majority of content is entered using short codes.

Will this cause a problem?

  • Tom Eagles
    • Syntax Hero

    Hi Renee

    The pay with a like plugin is really meant to be used on the backed via wp-admin.

    I tested this with shortcodes, in the case the classifieds list categories: and unfortunately i couldn’t protect a shortcode in this instance.

    This is the structure i used:

    [pwal id="48671497" description="pwal test"][cf_list_categories style="grid"][/pwal]

    If I use selection tool then the grid appears without protection.

    If i use the exceprts nothing appears, but i think this is probably because the shortcode isn’t being rendered at all due to the protection.

    However If i add some text that could be used as an excerpt i also cannot get that to display if there os a shortcode within the pwal selection.

    I am tagging the developer on this to see if this is an expected behaviour.


  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub


    Actually I found something in my settings that was preventing the inner shortcode from being hidden. From what I can see the PWAL does work correctly to hide the inner shortcode.

    Tom, you might need to double check your PWAL settings on the specific Post/Page. On my own setup I was testing on a Page but in my PWAL global settings I didn’t have Pages post type enabled. So in that case the full content with the inner shortcode was show. Once I enabled Pages to be processed the inner shortcode ([chat]) was correctly hidden.

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