Does snapshot backup everything?

I have recently been using Backupbuddy and have switched to Snapshot, I just need to know can snapshot backup my entire site, I have files in the root directory and my wordpress install in a sub-folder and also another folder I would like backed up.

Backup buddy backs up the entire site, I just re-install the backup and it is all there... is this the same as with your plugin?

  • ambertls

    Hi there,

    I recently purchased the snapshot plugin from you, however after further discussion on your website
    I have found that it will not backup my entire site just the wordpress install ?

    This is not what I need and will stick with BackupBuddy I guess?

    Anyway I am requesting a refund please I paid via Paypal and can provide the transaction information if needed.

    I have tried to contact you regarding this twice now with no reply.


  • phillcoxon

    @ambertls - Did you submit your request via the official contact form? Staff aren't able to answer accounts / billing queries in this forum.

    @jim_meyer - the full Cpanel backup option (if that's what you're referring to) backs up EVERYTHING to do with cpanel making it very large and not ideal as a quick backup solution. Effectively it's everything needed to move that cpanel account to another cpanel server and it can only be restored by the hosting provider.

    So for backing up WordPress + other files in the public_html directory BackupBuddy or a similar solution is the way to go at the moment until Snapshot catches up.

  • Paul


    I would say that is a problem with NextGen. No plugins should create top-level folders under wp-content. These are uploaded media files which in my opinion should be stored into /wp-content/uploads/ There is also a very common complaint about NextGen not properly supporting Multisite in that is stores all gallery images in that common area. It should instead store the gallery media files into the respective site folder.

    Anyway, yes to answer your question we will be adding logic to allow selecting other folders. Seems many users also create folders off the site root which need to be included.

  • ambertls

    Snapshot is not very good, go with Backup Buddy.

    Backup Buddy is 100% it backs up your entire site (everything) and is restored in a few clicks.

    I contacted snapshot developers about a refund the same day I purchased this plugin ( I was under the impression from their advertising that it backs up my complete wordpress website), but it is not the 'website' it backs up just the "wordpress install".

    They did not refund me even though I believe there is some false and misleading advertising on this site and people are being mislead.

    Hopefully it won't take too many unhappy customers before they realise that they need to be more clear (honest) with their promotion of this product.

    This developer may have some other good products (who knows?) but stay away from snapshot.

  • lpo


    I'd like to know how snapshot works with multisite install ?
    Does it allow to backup one site and backups the specific directory in blogs.dir ?
    Is it possible to backup all the multisite install ?

    How the restore works in this case ? Can we restore only one site ?

    As backup buddy doesn't seem to release multisite backup feature in a near future (in beta since a long time now), I really think there is a huge market for a plugin that is able to backup multisite just well.

    Thanks for your answer.

  • lpo


    I should have read the forum before.
    I understood that snapshot is not able to backup the all multisite install.

    Didn't find the info about the backup of the blogs.dir/site_number directory ?

    If you have a network with a lot of subsites it should be a long process to
    create and configure all the snapshots.

    I think it should be nice to create snapshots for a group of subsites (or all).

    As I don't want to have hundreds of backup processes running simultaneously, we should have to configure delayed start time for each snapshot process.

    But it will be difficult to estimate the time of each snapshot process.
    I think it should be nice to chain all the snapshots process and start automatically the second snapshot after the first has ended. And so on.

    Snapshot could be a very good solution for multisite backup.

  • Paul


    It's not that Snapshot can't perform a full back. More that we chose NOT to implement this specific functionality. We have many members who run very large Multisite systems. With 40k, 60k, many even 100k sites. It would be impossible for Snapshot or in my opinion any other WordPress based backup tool to complete a full backup. Plus if the backup did finish the result archive would be too large and unmanageable. Not to mention if you had to restore a single site/blog how would that be accomplished if all the sites are part of one large archive.

    Thanks for the suggestions on the solutions. We have been trying to develop different prototypes to see which one would work best for our members. We agree that needing to setup individual snapshot on a large multisite system is not the best.

    The solution we are currently leaning toward is the grouping. My thought was have snapshot setup 'default' configuration for all sites. Then you could override this by setting up specific configurations similar to how you would setup a configuration for a current site. On this 'default' configuration snapshot would just start at the first site and perform a backup. Then the next, then next. Each site is then still archived individually. Plus the archives are small enough to allow sending to remote destinations. And the restore of an individual site would be from this individual archive not some massive archive where you would need to restore everything.

    But there are downsides to this logic. One large one is if you had to restore your entire system how would you do this if you had to manually restore these individual snapshot archives. Just thinking about the members who run very large (over 100k) Multisite systems leaves my sleepless.

    On to your specific questions. Apologies for my ramblings:

    Didn't find the info about the backup of the blogs.dir/site_number directory ?

    Yes when you select a sub-site you will notice the files media reports the directory being included. On these sub-sites they do not have the option to include the .htaccess or wp-config.php. That is only for the primary site.

    If you have a network with a lot of subsites it should be a long process to create and configure all the snapshots.

    Agreed. just trying to think to provide the best solution for most of the members.

    As I don't want to have hundreds of backup processes running simultaneously, we should have to configure delayed start time for each snapshot process.

    Agreed. Again, trying to build some prototypes to address this for our members. This is why we didn't just implement a full backup solution to pacify members requests. In my opinion the backup logic overall is broken. Part of this is the user's expectations. No offense but they want a backup tool that includes any and all files. I think this is wrong. There really is no need to include WordPress core files. Nor in most cases should the plugins be included. Instead these packages should be notes in a manifest with the version number. For restore the packages can be quickly and automatically downloaded from

  • lpo

    Thank you very much for your very detailed reply.

    I agree with you on all your points. No need to backup core wordpress files. I think your approach to backup only one site is really good. In order to backup all the multisite you just need to backup all the subsites.

    If you can implement grouping snapshots that's a very good news for all of us that use multisite with hundreds, thousands of subsites. I really think that, in a same way you should also implement grouping restore.

    With those features you have everything to handle backup in a multisite config.
    With the grouping feature you can divide the backup process to be able to handle large multisite install. It should also be nice to have the ability to configure a period when you want the backup to be processed. This should allow to split backup process automatically.

    I understand that it starts to be really complex when the number of subsites grows,
    but very large multisite system (10k and more) are another story. Most of them use multi-db which is not supported by any backup plugin on the market.
    They use very specific backup solutions using incremental backups, ...

    I will follow the snapshot development closely. I think with grouping it can be one very good multisite backup solution.

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