Does Snapshot create a full, restorable backup?


While browsing the site, I noticed the Snapshot plugin. I have a couple of questions before I start using it.

1. Does Snapshot create a FULL backup of all files and tables so that, in the case of a server crash, the site can be fully restored at the time of the backup?

2. Can a site be migrated to a different server by using a backup made with Snapshot?

Thanks for the info.

Armand Girard

  • Paul

    Thanks @Zack,


    Was actually just having a conversation related to this with Zack on another thread. The current Snapshot plugin will backup all database tables. These are not limited to just the WP related tables. The plugin will also backup all uploads, themes and plugins. The plugin currently does not include the WordPress core files nor any non-standard directories. This later is actually mush request. Coming soon.

    for a site restore you would still need to re-install the blank WordPress system. Then re-install/activate Snapshot. Then restore the snapshot archive. We are working on a restore method which can be run outside of WordPress. As I was mentioning to Zach, since Snapshot does not include WordPress core files we plan to pull in the correct WordPress version from This would be extracted into the destination directory then the same for the snapshot archive.

    As for migrations we are working on that now. I've week working on migrations logic for the last few weeks. It is not as simple as moving the current archive from one server to another. Though in some cases this can be done. The problem comes into play with little things like different table prefixes. We now have Snapshot (in beta) will migrate a single WordPress site from one server to another even making change to URLs if needed. This is all from the current archive format.

    Later we will be adding the ability to migrate individual Multisite blogs from on installation to another. Or even migrate a blog from Multisite to a stand alone install.

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